Sprouted Ragi and Banana Porridge Mix ( from Nutribud Foods) - No Preservatives, Naachni Satva Baby Food (All Ages Above 6 Months+, 200 gm)

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Nutribud Foods Sprouted Ragi and Banana Porridge Mix - No Preservatives/Additives/Added Sugar/Salt/Milk Solids, Gluten-Free, Naachni Satva Baby Food (All Ages Above 6 Months+, 200 gm)

Porridge mix is a wonderful blend of Sprouted Ragi and Raw Banana. It does not contain any preservatives, additives or added sugar. Sprouting process enhances the nutritional values of Ragi and sun-dried Banana powder adds nutrients and natural flavour to the mix. Texture and Nutrients make the porridge mix suitable for all ages.

When it comes to baby care, the grannies know it all, from providing the best nutrition to the baby to taking care of their smallest sneeze. We at Nutribud Foods, try to fill the same granny care and love in these small porridge packs by using the same old traditional recipes passed down from generations.

Not all nutritional food needs to be boring! At Nutribud Foods, we try to keep your little one's taste buds tingling by blending Sprouted Ragi with the fruits of their choice. Moreover, our porridge does not contain any sugar and salt, no milk powder, no oil, no additives, no preservative.


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